PoliCTF 2015 is a jeopardy style capture-the-flag competition held both online (open to all competitors) and live for a restricted number of participants. The competition started during the second day of the DIMVA 2015 conference in Milan (Italy) at 10/07/2015 09:00 UTC and lasted for 48 hours. Our official communication channel is #polictf on hackint irc network.

Final Ranking

Most writeups are available from CTF Time or from the write-ups-2015 repository on github.

We also released a couple of "official" writeups on our blog and some sources on github.

The live competition was held in Politecnico di Milano, in a dedicated CTF arena in the hall in front of "Aula Rogers".

Instructions can be found here


First: 2x Oculus Rift (devkit 2)+ 15 RPi 2 Model B

Second: Synology NAS + 15 RPi 2 Model B

Third: 15 RPi 2 Model B

The prizes are kindly offered by our sponsor Reply Communication Valley.


We kindly thank our sponsors for supporting the PoliCTF: